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Improve safety and maximise efficiency with adhesive labels

That's right. With a huge range of industry-specific labels to offer, Dover Labels & Printing can help improve your business over night. We're electrical industry specialists, with over 20 years in the field, so you can trust us

to get the job done.

Electrical labels and much more

Labels are the most cost-effective way of ensuring everything runs smoothly on-site. Plus, the information they contain are often industry requirements, such as current health and safety regulations.


With numerous industry-oriented adhesive labels, including electrical labels, volt warnings, and approved-contractor labels, we can help you meet industry requirements for England.

Just some of the labels we offer:

• Electrical labels

• Periodic test labels

• Volt labels

• Caution labels

• Timetable details

• AC/DC instructions


Discover adhesive and electrical safety labels by calling on:

07590 672 205

Remember, if we haven't mentioned the type of label you require, don't worry: just let us know, and we'll make it to order.

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